Game Design

Being an idea freak a puzzle nut and a visual thinker, Peter Mucha has brainstormed all sorts of games over the years.

Images from games by Peter Mucha

A sampling of his current projects is illustrated in the image above. Most of what’s in the works are self-illustrated card games, with several abstract strategy-type board games and a fun stacking game.

2 European versions of a game invented by Peter MuchaOne of his games cracked the market in Europe back in the 1990s, thanks to London-based agency 7 Towns. It’s still sold in Finland as Pahka-Hullut Paahto-Leivat, which translates as something like “gnarly roasted crazy bread.” Its mix of bread cards and ingredient cards is reminiscent of Gamewright’s classic Slamwich, but that’s purely coincidental. Slamwich was published after Mucha’s Silly Sandwiches was conceived.

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