The only Absolute Truth is that there is no Absolute Truth. Huh? Paradox is a Pandora’s box, so let’s just say prevailing wisdom can be wrong. was started because, well, one man’s mind couldn’t make up his mind. He keep seeing inconsistencies, unbuttressed beliefs, and all sorts of half-true assumptions. So Peter Mucha decided to collect some of his renegade ideas and observations. He’s not saying here’s Truth. It’s more like, don’t be so sure …

That’s where the self-doubting “Or Not” comes in.

ThinkableOrNot¬†was also started because, well, Mucha’s first website was and frankly, he didn’t want people stealing all his ideas.

And, well, he hoped to sell some T-shirts.

A sampling of ThinkableOrNot posts possibly worth pondering:

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